Apple 忘记删除官方桌布的 EXIF,透露出它的拍摄设定

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Apple 忘记删除官方桌布的 EXIF,透露出它的拍摄设定

上图是苹果公司 OS X El Capitan 共 51 幅桌布中的其中一幅,本来只是普通的风景照片,但摄影师 Omi Manav Choudhary 就发现,并到 Reddit 上分享,原来它是唯一没有删去 EXIF 的照片,引起了网友们的好奇心,到底照片是怎样拍的呢?

根据显示出来的 EXIF,照片是由 Sungjin Ahn 以 Canon 5D Mark III 配 17-40mm f/4L 镜头,于 2013 年 8 月 6 日大概 9pm 拍摄,手动模式设定 ISO 1600、快门速度 30 秒、光圈 f/4、焦距 17mm。

(照片放到 LR 裏显示的内容)
Apple 忘记删除官方桌布的 EXIF,透露出它的拍摄设定

不单如此,更有网友 hrrrrsn 表示从 metadata 中发现到 editing notes,可以一窥照片是怎样后製︰

Please darken some of the stars that are a bit smaller and darker, so there is a little more difference in the starfield.

Please remove some of the noise in the sky.

Please darken the sky a bit overall, but more so in this brighter area that is circled.

Can we refine this area so it doesn’t look like it was duped from the spot to the left?

Please fill in this area close to the edge with more tree so it doesn’t create awkward negative shapes.

As the stars transition towards the horizon, they should become much less dense. You can see in the original, there are fewer stars towards the bottom.

Less pink in this section of the sky. Please reference the original which is more blue.

Overall, stars can be a touch sharper.

The brightness of the stars should be brightest at the top, and slowing fading out towards the bottom.

We can stand to brighten the largest stars at the top here.

如有兴趣了解更多,可以按此浏览更多 EXIF 资料,及按此下载原图。

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